Hot-Wire Anemometer (Model IHW-100)

- Probe의 저항측정 및 설정을 내장된 CPU에 자동화
- Windows용 전용 Program에 의해 간단하게 조작
- 한대로 2차원의 난류측정이 가능
- 계측 Data의 기록, 보존, 가공, 출력이 용이함

사양 Specification

모 델
IHW-100 System
채 널 수 2-채널
출력 Noise 0.03% equivalent turbulence in 10kHz bandwith
주파수응답 DC to 10kHz with 0.00015 in 3.8㎛ diameter tungsten wire
최대 Probe 전류 0.5A
최대 Bridge 전류 10VDC
Signal Conditioner Offset : 0-10V(0.1V step)Gain : 3.00-20.47Ω(0.1Ω step)
Output Range -5-5VDC
Analog Output Impedance 50Ω
Resistance Measurement 0.00-20.47Ω in 0.01Ω step
Sensor Operating Res. 3.00-20.47Ω in 0.01Ω step
A/D Converter 12-bit
Resolution 1Hz to 100kHz in 1, 2, 5, 10
Sample Rate Sequency with maximum of 100kHz total throughput

전용 Software
1) Calculations :
   Maximum and minimum velocity components, average velocity, fluctuation and vector products.
2) Display : Change over time and power spectrum.
3) Computer : Windows based PC.