Clean Room Particle Monitoring System

Monitoring System 특징

- Compact Laser Particle Sensor(LPS)
- Multi-function, user-friendly monitoring software
- Reduced piping & wiring by the used of compact pump unit
  paired with LPS
- Interface unit for environmental sensor such as
  temperature/Humidity sensor differential pressure sensor.

Monitoring Software 특징

By The maximum use Windows OS functions such as multi-task, multi-window and network environment, this software is capatable to display, print download the measurement data from any given sensor.

- Map display for real-time monitoring of cleanroom conditions
- Windows version
- Compliance with multiple sensors
- Class judgement according to Federal standard 209E/JIS B 9902
- Sensor maintenance data storage

Hardware Requirement

CPU Pentium II 300MHz 이상
RAM 64MB 이상
Hard Disk 4.3GB 이상
LAN Correspond to 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
OS Windows 95/98. NT. XP

Lase Particle Sensor (Model 3714/3715)